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Keeps improving!

“It just keeps improving!”   That’s what a Chi Alpha alumni recently said concerning Cafe’ Chi Alpha and the ministry of Chi Alpha.  The Cafe’ just seems so much bigger now and with the new offices this is a great place to visit and seems like a great place to work.  That actually is the sentiment of the current staff who remember all too well sharing desk and office space.  Now with a private office staff members can meet with students in their own office.

Speaking of improving, with a generous contribution from Chi Alpha alumni Danny & Katherine Luke we finish the side of the addition with a wrought iron patio.  This is a great place to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy some conversation.

We are making progress on paying off the building – if you would like to be a part feel free to click the donate button on this page.


Favorite place on campus!

The new addition has been up and running for just over one year now. Students are truly enjoying every aspect the new facilities offer. it is not uncommon to see the library full of students deep in study as well as the prayer rooms being used on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, Andrew Duhon, a sophomore from New Orleans who is majoring in Industrial Technology says “the prayer rooms are his favorite place on campus”. “The prayer rooms provide a place to separate yourself from everything on campus and have a productive devotional time”.  Andrew continues, “I like to go in there put on some worship music, read scripture and pray! It is a special place”.

The prayer rooms are available to students throughout the day Monday through Friday and they were made available by individuals that believe in reaching students for Jesus! Thanks!

Up and running!

    We have just about completed our first fall semester with the new addition.  It has truly made a difference for our staff to have their own personal workspace and private office to meet with students.  The conference room also has been an incredible blessing and the prayer rooms are getting used on a regular basis!

However, the big bonus of the addition has been the library.  Throughout the semester this is the place where serious students find themselves getting work done.  Students respect the area and it is treated with a bit of reverence!

    We are making great progress on paying off the addition – we are getting close to $200,000 remaining.  If you have money to have to invest before the end of the year – you can either send us a check made payable to Chi Alpha with building fund in the memo and mailed to P.O. Box 44588, Lafayette, LA 70504 or use the convenient button on this page to be a part of reaching students for Christ!

Gracias, Danka, Efxaristo!

When I get excited I always speak in another language!  I was recently given 50,000 reasons to say thank you in a few different languages.  Scott Brazda, executive director of the Stuller Family Foundation, brought over a check for $50,000 to go toward our recent addition.  Needless to say we are extremely grateful and excited to receive this tremendous gift.  The Stuller Family Foundation was also very instrumental in helping us pay for Cafe’ Chi Alpha and become debt free by contributing $100,000 for that project in 2005.  We are truly humbled and honored by their generosity toward this ministry through the years!

As well Pastor Clayton Strohschein and River of Life Church in Alexandria, Louisiana had a rummage sale with the proceeds going toward our new addition.  When it was all said and done the church raised $1,400 for the cause.  We are so very thankful for the incredible effort put forth by everyone in the church – what a blessing!

And a big shout out to alumni Gerald Broussard and his company Intermedia Technologies for the new flat screen TV for the conference room.  It allows us to have presentations for meetings and classes.  It also allows us to see what is going on in the world and chapel! :)

It’s never to late to get your name on this post – think about giving us 250,000 reasons or 10,000 or 5,000 etc – you get the picture.  Take advantage of the convenient buttons on this page to be a part of reaching students for Christ!


It is finished!

Well, about a month ago we gave the final payment to our contractor Keith Kishbaugh as the construction phase has been completed!  Somebody say praise the Lord! It was a long, and at times, very difficult process – but man it was worth it all.  All staff members now have their own office space and overall productivity is very high.  The prayer rooms are getting used on a regular basis and the new library has quickly become a favorite space for students who really need to get their study on!

Staff meetings in the new conference room are wonderful and very inspiring overlooking campus.  It is not uncommon to find student leaders having one on one’s in the conference area as well.

In addition we got some very good news this week, the Stuller Family Foundation has awarded Chi Alpha a $50,000 grant toward the building – now you can shout Glory!  With the amount of overages and the purchase of the new lot – we now owe $250,000 to pay the addition completely off.  We are believing God to continue to touch the hearts and lives of individuals to see this miracle come to pass.

If you want to be a part of the miracle you can do that online now by hitting the donate now button on the left. Of course you can still walk over cash or send checks made payable to Chi Alpha to P.O. Box 44588 Lafayette, LA 70504.


Wall comes down!

The final inspection from the Fire Marshall came about a week and a half ago!  Needless to say there was much rejoicing in the house. More details on that to come.  The entire staff began to move into the new offices and are still in the process of getting settled into the new digs.  Which of course meant that we now start the process of taking down a wall between offices to open up more space for the new Chi Alpha Library.

The Chi Alpha Library will be a place for students & interns to study.  It will also provide another location for Chi Alpha classes that take place during the course of the week.  The Library is stocked with great Christian literature and theological reference material.  Most of the books in the library were donated by our former faculty adviser Dr Fred Walters.  Dr Fred has taught at UL for over 25 years and recently retired.  His love for books and especially good theological books will be a blessing to UL Chi Alpha for years to come!  Thanks Dr Fred!

Please note that we are still in the process of raising the funds to pay the new addition off.  We currently have raised just over $60,000 with a good way to geaux.  If you would like to be apart of investing in the lives of reaching UL students for Christ prayerfully fill out the pledge form to the right. Thanks!

On a great note!

We got a really awesome note today from the City of Lafayette final approval!  That’s right, the Codes Division did their final inspection on the addition, which simply means we are just days from getting to move in.  The Fire Marshal has to come for the final walk through to give clearance to occupy the building.  Please pray with us that everything will go smoothly for his inspection.

Needless to say the staff is extremely ecstatic about getting their own personal offices!   Currently, we have up to three staff persons occupying one office – to have any kind of personal talk with a student is very difficult to say the least.  The addition will help everyone to be more productive.  The new library, which will be available to interns and students, will also be an extreme blessing.

The day after Christmas…

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the addition – not a carpenter to be seen and definitely not an electrician! I could go on, but I believe you get the picture.  There have been a number of setbacks to getting this project done on time, fire marshal, metro code changes, holidays, shortage of carpenters, etc.   Keith Kishbaugh, our general contractor and builder,  is hoping to get the project done in the next couple of weeks.   We are really starting to get very anxious to get into the new offices – the entire staff have been working out of around boxes for the entire fall semester.  We are also very excited to get the new library up and running for student and intern use.  Please pray with us to see the construction done very quickly!

The end is near!

As a believer we should live in such a manner that we are ready for Jesus to return at any moment – but we should plan as if it will be a while.  Well, it is as if my theology has met a building project!   In my heart I have been moving into my new office a month or two ago – however, I am still working out of an office full of boxes and new bookshelves.

So, all that to say, we are a few weeks away from completion.  We have had a few weeks of dormancy due to multiple reasons.  However, the work pace has picked up and we are starting to see the finishing touches coming together.  We definitely are hoping to be finish in time for the fall semester break.  The entire staff is getting more excited with each passing day to get into the new digs.  We are also prepping the current offices for their new uses, the main use will be to have a theological library for student and intern use and some much needed storage.

We are also making some good progress on the financial side of things – we are hoping to have a meeting with a major foundation in town to follow-up on our request for a grant.  Please be in prayer for a favorable response.


Making headway!

We are really making headway nowthe finish line is within sight! The interior is now sheet rocked and painted, and the ceiling is being prepped this week.  The water and electricity should be on by the latter part of next week.   We are looking at mid-October to be able to move in!

The Zydeco Benefit Breakfast was outstanding!  Chubby Carrier and his band were a treat and the joyful faces of friends and family were the icing on the cake!  Some of the current interns shared testimonies of God’s grace extended to them through Chi Alpha, and new head football coach Mark Hudspeth even made a visit to greet everyone.  When the dust from the dance floor settled over $7,000 was contributed that morning with another $13,000 pledged by May 31, 2012.  Can somebody say “Praise the Lord!” This now puts us over $50,000 toward meeting the goal of $310,000.

If you would like to be apart of the future of UL Chi Alpha you can fill out the pledge form to the right or just drop us a check (made out to UL Chi Alpha) in the mail to: Chi Alpha, P.O. Box 44588, Lafayette, LA 70504.